I am planning to buy a plot and build my own house in chennai, how should I proceed ahead?

If you are planning to buy a plot and build your new home in Chennai, you should consider few points before starting and they are:  how to choose a best construction company in kolathur chennai

  1. Choosing the right plot location & size.  construction companies in kolathur, builder

  2. Identifying the right bank for construction loan. Home loan for construction

  3. Selecting the best construction company. top civil companies in chennai , Builders in Che

  4. Choosing the right plot location & size.

There are various checkpoints before choosing the right plot for construction of your new house, such as:

Shape of the plot  House Construction Services in kolathur , Residence Interior Designers

    Mostly a rectangle shaped plot is preferred. Plot shapes other than rectangles will make it difficult to achieve preferred room sizes in the proposed house. Even if we manage to achieve the required room sizes, it may result in unnecessary loss of build up area.   Renovation Contractors in kolathur

Direction facing of the plot  Builders in chennai , Construction companies in kolathur , builders

The direction in which the plot faces influences the vaastu of the proposed house. The most preferred directions for house constructions will be East or North. West facing plots are the least preferred.

Road width

    Road width in front of any plot is taken into account for the sake of FSI (Floor Space Index). FSI usually refers to the permitted build up area in any given plot. This FSI changes according to the width of the road on which the plot is situated. Usually plots with broader road width are preferred.

Groundwater availability

    With Chennai’s depleting water resource, you should be very cautious of where you buy your new plot. Good underwater source is essential for the construction process as well as the residents of the proposed house.

Legal verification of the plot

    Legal verification means the process of authenticating all the documents of the plot. A right plot will have documents such as mother document, current sale dead, patta document. The above documents should be submitted to an experienced lawyer and only on his approval one must proceed forward to purchase the plot.

  1. Identifying the right bank for construction loan.

    In India nowadays, all the public and private sector banks provide construction loans to it’s customers who have a healthy CIBIL score. Higher the CIBIL score, lower the rate of interest. A right bank will take around 21 working days to disburse the money, if all the required documents are submitted on time. Plan approval is one of the most important documents required by any bank in India to get a construction loan.

  1. Selecting the best construction company.

    Gopuram constructions helps it’s clients in all the above processes. Before starting a construction of house one must ask himself, what makes a good construction company?

A professional construction company will serve it’s clients in design, planning, plan approval, identifying the right bank for loan and finally comes the construction part.

As far as the construction part is concerned, some of the best construction companies like Gopuram constructions will have a strong core team for all the above processes.

Advantages of choosing a construction company with strong core are 

  • Timely handover of the house.

  • Daily update of the site status.

  • Efficient handling of price fluctuation of construction materials.

  • Daily audit of design as well as the structure.

  • Post construction warranty.

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