Stilt + 2 units of individual 3BHK residences in each floor @ Perambur In the railway town of Chennai – Perambur, we had built this spectacular, all facility twin residence. This house was built in a corner plot of 1800 sq ft and the buildup area is 1500 sq ft in each floor. This dwelling fashions a humongous stilt parking area in the ground floor which can accommodate upto 4 suv’s and 10 bikes. Beneath the parking area we have built a RCC (Reinforced cement concrete) fresh water sump of 15000 liters capacity. This locality has centralized sewage water connection so we didn’t build septic tank. Designer tile cladding was done to the lift lobby. The lift provided here can carry 5 adult passengers. Staircase handrails were given stainless steel and flooring to the stairs was done using anti skid tile. Both the house in 1st & 2nd floor is 3bhk residences which will suit a 6 member family. The initial living requirements were taken very carefully by the architects to design each housing unit. Flooring to the entire house was done using 1st quality Marble

Living Room:

Living room constitutes the biggest portions of these houses as the family spends more time here. Hall has a very spacious seating area which can accommodate a huge sofa and a teapot for family gatherings. At far end of the living room, we have carved out a space for 55” TV. Adequate switches and lighting provisions were given throughout the home. 1st quality teak wood was used for the Main door and frame. Wood polish was done to the main door and frame. Two fan points were given in the living room. Behind the seating area we have placed a gigantic French door. A common bathroom

Dining Area:

Dining area is designed adjacent to the living room. Out of the two balconies in the house, one is placed next to the dining area with a huge French door. Designer washbasin is placed in a comfortable corner of the dining area. Ceiling fan pro vision is given in the dining area.


Kitchen is compactly designed to meet the modern cooking needs of the family. Modular kitchen works have been done completely which has space to accommodate a hob, chimney and an Owen . Kitchen top is decorated with granite and a stainless steel sink was placed in it to handle used vessels. Two large windows and a wall mount fan provision were given to keep the kitchen ventilated. Behind the kitchen there is a service area where washing machine can be placed and clothes can be dried.


The house hosts 3 spacious master bedrooms and all are with attached bathrooms. These three bedrooms are used by people of various age groups and hence designed for different lifestyles. All the bedrooms are neatly and fully furnished. Two large windows were placed inside every bedroom to ensure enough lighting and airflow. Storage spaces in the form of lofts and wardrobes are placed in every bedroom in adequate sizes


All bathrooms in the house are given a 7’ wall tile and anti skid floor tile. Branded CPVC fittings were used for geyser provisions.

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